Build a Zip.Drape Online

Before you begin:  Decide which Topper style you want to use. Topper panels come in two (2) styles, Pocket or Grommet. The Pocket style can create 3 different header options. Click here to learn more about different Header options.

Once you have chosen your Topper style and color, determine the length of your drapery panel. All panels (Topper and Extension) are 24″ in length. Including the Topper panel, determine how many Extension panels are needed to complete the drapery length.

1 Topper + 1 Extension = 48″ L
1 Topper + 2 Extensions = 72″ L
1 Topper + 3 Extensions = 96″ L
1 Topper + 4 Extensions = 120″ L
1 Topper + 5 Extensions = 144″ L

Once you know how many Extension panels you will need, decide on the colors you want to order.

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